Intuit Quicken sucks and has lousy support

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by handyguy00, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. handyguy00

    handyguy00 Guest

    After accidentally checking the box on a dialog window to not request
    payment after credit card reconciliation, I found there was no way to
    turn it back on. Intuit support knows of the problem but pretty much
    wants me to buy a new version, which may or may not fix it. This is a
    pretty simple problem to fix, or at least supply a patch to zap it

    After being forced to buy this current version (Quicken 2005XG) to
    replace a previous version whose reconciliation and online update
    features had broken down, I can only feel intense hatred of Intuit. If
    only there was real competition from MS Money.

    The disabling of features (online update) also gets in my craw. I am
    not even sure if it is legal to build in features that break after a
    period of time. Since the service is supplied by your bank, I don't
    see how Intuit can justify disabling it. If the bank wishes to change
    the format, that would be another issue.

    These guys need to start thinking customer service.

    Intuit sucks!
    handyguy00, Nov 2, 2005
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  2. handyguy00

    Stubby Guest

    Fine. Tell it to somebody who cares.
    Stubby, Nov 2, 2005
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  3. handyguy00

    David Lee

    May 10, 2016
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    SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is the message that appears when I try to open Quicken after updating to Q2016 and downloading the bug fixer from the WEB site. My 2014 worked just fine. I left a message on what I thought was the Intuit WEB site and a guy (Mark) called me back in about an hour and, after interrogating my PC (Win7) he told me he'd fix it for $100. What's up with that? Intuit screws up me computer and then wants $100 to fix it? Did Intuit move to Romania or what? I found out only days later that the Intuit window was actually a ransom virus called Sidestepping.exe

    Mark's phone # = 1-888-981-6632
    E-mail address =

    I went to these two WEB sites below but they were no help at all.

    Finally, I got on the Quicken volunteer chat line. Those volunteers are worth every penny they are paid. What a collection in rude, surely creeps. The first day on the chat line, the chat site was not working properly so 90% of my messages never went though. Those that did were confusing the issue since I was making reference to a message that were never sent.

    Finally, one guy who was more anal-retentive than the rest told me I was sending conflicting information and that I needed to make up my mind. I told him that there is no need to be rude. This virus came from the Intuit WEB site. It was the only WEB site I was on that day. I am happy to send a copy of my browser history to confirm what I have written. Yesterday I tried to give the step by step scenario but most of what I typed never want through. I had been unable to respond most of yesterday afternoon. Almost every time I typed a message and clicked 'send' the message disappeared and was never sent. Therefor, I unintentionally confused the issue because only bits and pieces of what I was writing was getting through. Henceforth, I will type into Notepad and copy and paste until it all goes through.

    As instructed, I checked the SSL settings in IE. In Seamonkey, there is no SSL option that I can see. TSL1.0 and TSL1.1 are checked while TSL1.2 is not.

    Here is what transpired. I used 2016 for about a week without incident. However, each time I opened it there was a nag window advising that I should 'click here' for a bug fix. I ignored it. On Wednesday of this week I went to download data from my bank for the first time since installing 2016 and I was denied access so then I clicked that 'click here' window. Nothing seemed to happen. I tried the bank again with no luck. I closed out Quicken and restarted. The 'click here' window was gone but a new one advised me to download the Q2016 MONDO patch. That was the first time I had seen THAT window. I downloaded the patch and restarted Quicken. I was immediately brought to the Intuit WEB and instructed to change my password which I did. When tried to log in I received the SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR: message.

    I reset Control Panel>Internet Options Privacy, Security and Advanced tabs to their defaults and I QCleanui.exe for clean install. No change. I rebooted in save/network mode, still no change. I asked , ”What if I uninstall Q2016 and reinstall Q2013?” No response.

    Four hours and no further response. So far Intuit has been a major disappointment to me. I never should have purchased and installed Q2016. Q2013 & 4 were working just fine without a hitch. The virus came from the Intuit WEB site and the message function of the Intuit WEB site was malfunctioning that day (5/05/2016) so the Quicken help person got only bits and pieces of what I was trying explain. Therefore, the person trying to help maybe thought I was goofing around I guess and he (or she) got very rude with me. Not only was I a victim of an Intuit spawned virus but I was also a victim of an improperly managed WEB site and now I've been abandoned and cut adrift to fend for myself. It must be nice to be the only game in town. I'm glad I found an 'Intuit sucks' blog.

    Finally I got a response telling me that this is the first time a virus was mentioned. Well, yeah, it is the first mention of a virus that I was able to send it out because of the malfunction of the Intuit message site that I was using on Wednesday. It is not the first time I've ATTEMPTED to mention a virus and it is a crafty virus indeed. It is blocking me from every attempt so far to load and execute AVG. In safe/network mode I can download the AVG.exe from their WEB site but that will not execute in safe mode. It will execute in regular mode and load the AVG program but implementation gets hung after a few seconds and will go no further.

    I begged them to provide a link to a WEB site that will scan my PC and maybe tell me what's going on and how to fix it short of reformatting my HD and reinstalling Win7. I am not able to pay my bills until this is resolved.

    The answer from Intiut:

    Neither one would work because the virus blocked them both.

    Finally, I accidentally found suggested by Within ten minutes I was back and functioning. What a relief and no thanks at all to Intujit. It is unlikely I will ever update my Quicken again and I'm hoping to find an open source alternative.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2016
    David Lee, May 10, 2016
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