Inventory Control Confusion



2 things have occured with me this week that are not acceptable.

1) When I recieve a partial shipment of inventory items, some of which may
be a quanity of 0 received tech support is telling me to delete the item line
as the program does not allow an entry of 0 items received. This does not
make much sense. The item that was deleted in the receiving form does show up
the next time it is opened to receive but it still is not really inuitive.

2) I recieved a partial shipment of items last week some line items were
complete, some partial, and some none were received. The 0 items caused the
problem above in #1. Then the rest of the shipment arrived and I received
those items. Now my inventory counts are out of whack again and it looks as
if it decided to receive the entire shipment all over again adding items to
those that had already been received last week. What a headache this is




You can right-click on the line-item icon (far left of line item) and choose
to delete the line from the item receipt, that will get you past the "lines
can't be zero qty" error. As far as the re-receipts, I am unsure.
I'm missing the ability to receive shorts or damaged quantities (like we had
in Great Plains), plus the big problem that has been of late: you can sell
below your on-hand quantity without notification at the SO level. Somehow I
just expected that to be there....

Hope this helps,

WSOA user


Thats what tech support said to do and it seems to work, but it just seems
crazy that the program cannot deal with a 0 entry easily and this needs to be
fixed in my opionion.



Lance [MSFT]

When creating an item receipt or bill from a purchase order, the program does
default the qty to match the quantity that was on the purchase order. If you
receive less than the quantity on the purchase order, change the quantities
on the bill or item receipt lines to match the actual quantities received.

Later when the other items come in, go to the purchase order and convert it
to a bill or item receipt again. This time it should default the item
quantities to whatever amounts are still left from the purchase order.

In the preferences dialog in the Professional version, there is a Vendors
tab with a choice for 'Check for Quantity on Hand.' Turning this on will
raise a warning at invoice time if inventory count for an inventory item will
be less than zero after saving the invoice.

Not sure why there is a limitation that line quantity cannot be zero so long
as the line total is zero. A zero quantity with a non-zero line total
wouldn't make a lot of sense though.

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