inventory valuation



Is there a out-of-the-box store operations report to
determine the value of our inventory as of a specific
date in the past?

Alternatively, is this a simple SQL query?

Thanks for your help.





I did Item Valuation Report for the year end but the downside is you cannot
set a date in the past.



Master T Excellante'

1. Run an Items | Value List Report. This will run the report as of the
current date.

2. Run an Items | Item Movement Report. Set your Filter Field to 'Date'
and Range to
'This Year-to-Date' and generate the report.

3. In order to add Department or Category fields to the report you will
need to right click on the report and select 'Hide/Unhide Columns'

4. Place a checkmark next to the column name you would like to add, most
likely Department or Category, depending on which column you want to sort by
and click OK.

In order to sort by this column, click and drag the column to the first
column position. Next click on the Group by drop down box on the top of the
report and select 'Group First Column' to make sure that you are grouping by
your selected column.

5. Subtract the total inventory cost per Department or Category in the
second report from the inventory cost on the 1st to get the inventory cost
as of 12/31/02.

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