Investment accounts in Quicken 2004/Mac


Ian Piper

Odd thing in Quicken 2004/Mac: when I add transactions (basically,
re-investing dividends) the market value reported for each new
transaction is based every time on the *original* share price, not the
*current* share price. When I do the same thing on Quicken on the PC
the market value reported each time is correct, i.e. based on the
current share price. Is there a bug here (I've installed the R3 update
and it hasn't changed this behaviour)?

One other piece of information that may be germane. I am using this in
the UK. The PC version is a UK version, and I am setting up a PEP. The
Mac version is the US version (since Intuit doesn't sell it in the
UK). Is it possible that share-based investments are calculated
differently in the UK and US??

Any help much appreciated. Obviously this is no use to man nor beast -
can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?



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