Invoice Due Date



Hi There

I am trying to print invoice due date on to the invoice with the following:
Customer.AccountReceivable.DueDate but nothing gets printed.

Any ideas would help thanks



Akber Alwani

Hi Topi, I think you have not configure the accounts properly. The Customer
Account Type you have put make sure the Account Type is created properly.
Go to Store Manager> Database > Account Type and and select your account
type and click properties Select what due dates you have enter.

Also make sure that the Account Type is attached with customer or not.



Terrible Tom


Customer.AccountReceivable.DueDate is not a valid variable for the current
transaction. That variable is only used when generating a Payment receipt.

Think about it. The transaction isn't really finalized until after the
receipt prints--so no due date exists for the current transaction when the
receipt is being generated.

I would look into creating a DueDate variable that is basically todays date
+ 30 days or something--though that sounds tricky to me...


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