Invoice (Not Paid)



Hi all.

I have gone through the forums and have followed instructions so the Not
Paid watermark is no longer displayed so thanks for that.

How can I change the Basic Template for Invoices?
I have an MS Word version which is fine for emailing but if I choose to
print the invoice, I get a basic verison that has just text details on it -
this is great for printing as addresses etc. are lined up with envelope
windows - but the Invoice is headed Invoice (Not Paid) - I need this to just
say Invoice - customers pay us by credit card but we don't get payments till
two days later due to the banking system - it's better for us to class these
as invoices and reconcile when we have had payments.

Hope that's clear!




Open invoice - Menu, Print - when the print dialog box comes up , select
TEMPLATES - drive to the template and select. This will now be your
default, until you change it with the same proceedure.


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