Invoice Numbers - how to change automatic sequencing?


Frank B Denman

Home & Business 2003

I invoice for both Professional Services and the occaisonal Retail Sale,
using a separate invoice template for each.

All of my Professional Services invoices are imported in a qif file from
another application (Responsive TimeLogger). The imported qif files
contain unique sequential numbers for each invoice, and these are
imported with no problem whatever.

However, when Quicken assigns invoice numbers to my Retail Sale
invoices, it doesn't seem to have any notion that these numbers have
been used up. If I create a Retail Sale invoice in Quicken, it will
assign a number that has already been used. When I try to save the
invoice, Quicken will prompt that it's a duplicate number, but will not
propose a non-duplicate number.

A Google search turns up no solutions.

Has anybody solved this problem?




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