I would like to say that was fantastic how you all solved a problem in
another post relating to how to change the header from Sales Receipt to
Invoice, it is a
problem I needed too, thanks. I am not a programmer so could you advise were
these lines of code would need to be in the receipt templates, and do you
need to have the customer account type set to account.
More questions sorry, new to RMS just trying to get it set up. Is there a
way of showing on invoices (receipts) the amount for an item excluding VAT,
rather than the finished amount, just some of my account customers need to
know prices excluding vat. Also my current receipts on the epos printer
format shows VAT and the A4 printer format it shows Sales Tax, can I
change this?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks



Mark @ CES com>

Here is the code pulled from another thread, I'm working on this for
Platinum, but html isn't my strong point and I just pick it up from other

Code below.


Mark @ CES

<CONDITION> Transaction.ReceiptReturningItems = TRUE </CONDITION>
<FOR each="tender">
<IF><CONDITION> Tender.AmountIn <> 0 </CONDITION>
<IF><CONDITION> Tender.Descriptor.TenderType =
TenderAccount </CONDITION>

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