IRA doesn't show correct value


John Oliver

I have a Roth IRA I'm tracking in Quicken 2005 Deluxe Release R 5 Up
until about a month ago, it was dead-on. Every transaction balanced out
nicely. I started a new job, and couldn't do direct deposit to it any
more, so I have my online banking send a check every week, and my shares
are bought. But now, each time I get my statement, things are off...
Quicken shows my contribution, and then a number of shares bought with
that contribution. That part balanes out. But when I look at the main
screen of Quicken, the value show is $600.66 high. When I look in the
transaction history, everything is spot-on. When I look at the Summary
page, the Market Value is right. But the Total Market Value is off.
I'm totally befuddled... I can see no reason for this. And the
discrepancy seems to grow each week.


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