USA IRS agent accusing my accountant of incorrect 1040-X filing - agent assigning my return to "CAT-A"?

Nov 12, 2021
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United States
I spoke with an IRS agent on the phone to check the status of my amended 2019 return. The agent put me on hold then told me they never received it. When I told her I got confirmation that they received it 5 months ago, she became openly condescending and hostile.

After another hold, she came back and announced that my accountant filled out the return incorrectly and she was assigning it's processing to herself, and she was putting it in "CAT-A".

She would not tell me what the error was or what CAT-A means. After that call, I called back and spoke to another IRS agent who told me that the information the first agent gave me was to be used within IRS internally only, and was strictly forbidden from being divulged directly to the taxpayer.

How likely is it that my return has fallen into the hands of some raged-out, hostile Internal Revenue agent who could exert malevolent influence over my due refund?

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