IRS Form 3115


gary j

WAAAAAHH! Does anyone have a template for form 3115. A recent
surgery left me homebound and I want to change my method of
accounting to Mark-to-market and treat my trading activities as
a business. The IRS office here in Boise says there is no one
in their office that knows enough about the form to help me
fill it in, and the instructions for the form do not include
directions for lines 9,10,11,12. The IRS tech line (even
with the help of the IRS employee) could offer no assistance.
I could not find any help in the revised procedures (did not
seem to pertain to my situation).

There is nothing special about me...just a taxpayer who files
jointly with a spouse who works part time. I am now unemployed
but have found a couple of stocks with a nice rythmn...enough
to allow me to comtribute to the family coffers.

But that form is a confusion personified.

Any help, assistance or direction would be appreciated.

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