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Bob Greene

Again for the third year, the organizers of the western region didn't
look at a calandar when setting up the western regional forum. I have
e-mailed my local IRS employees and they agreed this is becoming a
major embarassment. I will be there anyway, and would love to have a
cup of coffee with anyone from the group attending this year. Let's
set up a time and place. I have enclosed my post of 2001 but this year
I didn't even get a reply!

"Asa CPA who has attended the last two years tax forums, I
am wondering if anyone is planning on going to the Western
Tax Forum in Las Vegas this September. I just love the note
in the registration booklet stating the western tax forum
apology for scheduling during the sacred jewish holiday of
Rosh Hashanah (the jewish New Year).

It's funny I am sure they wouldn't even think of hold such a
forum on Christmas on New Years. When I sent such a question
to the IRS, the answer I got "try and attend one of the
other sessions" but as everyone knows, there isn't any other
here in the West. Guess I'll just have to try and celebrate
the holiday and be at the forum at the same time...

My question to the CPA's who read this newsgroup is how many
expect to attend? In the past I've found that the percentage
of CPA's at such a forum is less than 10%.....Why is my
question..I know that many of us CPA's don't encourage our
clients to e- file, but to find out what's new and changes
is always worthwhile.."
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D. Stussy

Bob said:
Again for the third year, the organizers of the western region didn't
look at a calandar when setting up the western regional forum. ...
Besides the religious holiday (for some), there's also
another conflict, once again: The EA Exam itself. That is
itself intolerable considering that it is the Western Region
edition of NTF and that California, the only state that
requires "non-big-3" preparers to be licensed, is part of
that region. This means that those who want to take the
test AND are currently under state licensing who want to
attend must be forced into one of the other (5) sessions.

Since the Western Edition is the only one after Labor Day, I
also have to wonder about how many people who attend have
CHILDREN IN SCHOOL that they have to leave behind.....
[Granted, Las Vegas is turning "adult" in nature again, but
in looking around at the past 10 years' worth of forums plus
my other CPE classes, it appears that the average age is
near 50. It has been studied that certain groups in our
population are having children later - mid-30's instead of
mid-20's, ....]

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