USA Is a retailer required to charge freight to their customers?

Feb 22, 2020
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United States
My online retail business lives in Kansas. I live in Kansas. My wholesale distributor lives in Oklahoma.

My online retail business sold a product for $29.99 to me. My online business then went to the distributor and bought the product for $24.99. My wholesale distributor sold the product for $24.99 and then added a freight charge of $8.85 on the invoice ... .

Oklahoma doesn't charge sales tax on shipping if the item and shipping are sold separately. Kansas is a destination-based state. I do not believe my business owes use tax for the freight charge.

However, is my business also required to charge me for freight? Can the business just have the freight be between it and the distributor, without involving the customer, or must the distributor's freight charge be matched by the business in regards to the customer?

If it must be matched, will I, as the customer, need to pay sales tax for the freight, because I am also from Kansas and Kansas has sales tax on shipping?


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