Is it possible to add a "View" button under the purchase order section?



Would be nice to have the abilty to allow someone to be able to view the
purchase order as opposed to the given "new, delete, edit, or receive"
buttons. This way someone who needed the information and did not have the
appropriate security would not be able to delete or change the PO. I tried
to CTL S the new, delete, edit and receive buttons, but that basically locks
them out completely. Is this something that may be possible?




You can make excel pivot table so any employee can view that worksheet from
their terminal. This way you can define the fields you want to show as well
(leave off cost?). You can get excel viewer for free is you are concerned
about licenses.



Glenn Adams

Remove the security from the "Edit" button. This will allow them to get
into the edit screen.

Click Edit, THEN Crtl-S. Put Security on the "OK" Button, and they won't
be able to save any changes they make... You may want to lock some of the
other controls as well, depending on what you consider safe...

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