Is Microsoft abandoning the small business market???


Steve Jensen

I have just become aware that Microsoft is discontinuing development of
Office Accounting, and will discontinue Dynamics Small Business Financials.
And unless I am just not looking in the right places, MS is being very quiet
about it.

Without knowing the particulars, I can only say that this is a big mistake.
As an accounting software reseller for over 20 years, I know that one of the
biggest considerations (after price) in deciding on an accounting system is
customer confidence in the company that produces it. They want some
assurance that both the product and the company that produces it are going to
be around to develop and support the program throughout the life of the
business. By dropping these products, Microsoft is shaking the confidence
not only in all the customers and business partners that have invested in
these products, but those who have chosen other Microsoft products that MS
has not (yet) abandoned.

Further, by not providing a migration path to other products, MS is saying
it really doesn't care about those customers (or partners). That is even
more reason not to buy (or sell) a Microsoft accounting product.

And lest the decision makers at MS who decided to do this have the belief
that those orphans are going to buy a more expensive and complicated Dynamics
product, let me assure them - the people who didn't buy Office Accounting or
SBF are NOT going to buy GP Dynamics or another product in that
price/technology point. They are going to buy Quickbooks. Why? Because 1)
it is tailored both in terms of price and usability to small businesses and
2) Intuit is going to continue to develop and support it. They are certainly
not going to use 'Excel templates' to run their businesses!

For our part, we have spent the last 2 years evaluating Office Accounting
and thinking that it is on track to becoming the right product for the small
business market. Now what? And what about all the MPAN members who have put
their faith in Microsoft and started selling and using the product from the
beginning? A company the size of Microsoft does not stick it's little toe in
the shallow end of the wading pool and then pull it back like this.

I hope there is an answer forthcoming. Better yet, a reconsideration.


Dec 4, 2009
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Microsoft abandons accounting & Accounting 2009 ?!?!?


It seems crazy to me, that @ Microsoft they don't understand end users! Vista didn't get the take up of clients because it was bad software. Windows 7 is the first new operating system in nearly 10 years that works. We were managing BCM/Outlook 2003 installed on Windows XP Pro, we had Quickbooks 2006 that worked with that configuration. When Office 2007 came out BCM /Outlook offered potentially a better resolution for BCM to work. Alas anyone who googles "Outlook Slow" as shown here

outlook 2007 slow - Google Search
Will understand that until that issue wasn't resolved until Windows 7 came out. There was no real reason to upgrade. Quickbooks worked but Outlook 2007 didn't work if the clients on the network had large instances of email on their email servers. So no point upgrading.

Windows 7 comes along, Office / Outlook/ BCM 2010 (now available in beta form) work wonderfully on top of Windows 7. I so now I have to upgrade to a new accounting package to work on the new OS Win7. So logically now is the time to re-visit and deploy new accounting package.... Methinks what about Microsoft Office Accounting 2010? And I now discover its been stabbed in the back by Microsoft!! :mad::confused:

Does MSFT now think that we are going to follow them into the clouds ?? Abandon me once shame on me. Would anyone give a corporation like Microsoft the chance to abandon them for a second time? The following makes for interesting reading in the same arena of abandoning clients..

Lost Sidekick phone data can be restored, Microsoft says :: Editor?s Blog at Local Tech Wire

Disappointed @ the beach!

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Typical of Microsoft. They need to sell this software to someone else. We
use it since it was released and seems to work fine. Some quirks but easily
work around it. We'll continue to use it until support ends. We love this
software since it behaves very nicely under Terminal Services/Citrix and has
a SQL backend.


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William Burnett

They are dropping support FOR ALL small business products other than OFFICE
and even that is slated to change in a major way. Microsoft Small Business
Server is still around but Exchange is being leveraged to larger enterprise.
MS hopes that small business owners will move towards HOSTED solutions
instead of IN HOUSE applications and hardware. You will likely see "hosted"
dynamics accounting services in the near future, just like hosted Exchange
and eventually hosted "office" products. Pay per service or pay per use is
the horse that MS is betting on.

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