Is MOA 32 bit or 64 bit?



Okay- wanted to ask if
a)If I install MOA on 64 bit comp - is the engine 32bit or 64bit?
b)What are the advantages of installing on 64bit?
c)How do i migrate my data(right now on SQL express 2005) on 64bit SQL2005?

(I find MOA very very slow - almost unaccpatable)
3 users on 2.8GHZ 512MB and one server 2.8GHZ 1GB memory. Where is the
bottleneck? All 32bit as of now.



Jorn L M \(MS\)

a) MOA will run 32 bit even on a 64 bit Windows (notice the normal download
of OA will only support 32 bit windows as the .NET framework included in the
download is 32 bit)
b) I don't think you will see a lot of gain by switching to 64 bit, actually
in some situations 64 bit applications can be slower than 32 bit as they may
not be able to utilize the CPU cache as well. You may see improvement on the
SQL database (Basically all I'm saying is "Not sure" ... sorry)

What is the bottleneck? This is always very hard to answer, looking at your
specs I would guess RAM. But stuff like your network will also affect the
performance (how is the performance if you run OA on the server itself?).

Before you try this you could look at some of the performance tips on my

Hope it helps :eek:)


Your blog is too fresh to answer my questions.
The biggest delay we see is in vendor payments(upto 60-65 seconds) after we
click Action-Pay.
The reports are fast - so I guess its the limitation in the program (its
calling all sql vendors and then filtering the "pay this bill only") will be
smoothed out later.

Meanwhile - general question - How much performance improvement I can have
by switching over to sql standard (which is native 64bit)

I am thinking - core2duo, 4GB ram. This is overkill fors sql express as it
cannot use the second processor.

Our network is 100mbps full dup. Clients are all 2.8ghz 512mb. The SQL
computer does nothing but host sql.



Jorn L M \(MS\)

I am trying to think how to answer this :eek:) it is hard for me to promise

One of my machines that I have is a 2GHz core2duo with 2GB running 32 bit
(~kind of close to what you are looking at), and I do definitely not see the
performance problems you are talking about (even on SQL Express). But then
again I don't see that performance on a 3GHz 1GB machine either.

However I don't know the size of your company file (number of customers,
vendors, invoices, bills and payments) so naturally that is a factor. And
I'm not 100% sure about the scenario where you see problems, what do you do
exactly? Vendors/Pay Bills.../Select one bill/Save and close? (the save is
taking the time?)

Did you try to run the client on the server? Was it the same experience?

How long does it take to save a normal invoice on your setup? if it takes
more than ~ 1 sec I recommend that you try the "Repair" tip on the blog
(first save may be a bit slower).

When you look at the server that you have now how much memory is being used
by sql on that machine? Is the server just used for this or do you have
other things running on it?

If the server is in fact the bottleneck there are other tips out there to
make a SQL server run fast, like putting the log file on a seperate disc and
so on. (I am not an expert in that area, just wanted to mention that)

btw. as far as I know SQL Express will also limit the memory usage of SQL to
1GB, aside from the 1 processor limit that you mentioned.

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