Is there a Business Grinch ruining your holiday?


Credit Department

Is there a Business Grinch ruining your holiday?

Do you have accounts and customers that STILL owe you money?

Have you been kind and generous and offered credit terms to other
businesses, but they have not reciprocated by sending you the money that is
now past due?

Do you imagine your debtors buying expensive gifts like big screen TVs and
the latest fads with YOUR money, because they have not paid you?

Are you tired of people taking advantage of you and using your credit terms
as if you were a bank that issues interest free loans?

We offer a SOLUTION to all of your business credit problems. Our business
is called , and we can be found on the web at.

Our website offers a full year subscription to a comprehensive database of
300 ready-to-use forms and letters that GET RESULTS for business creditors.

Yes, we know it's the holidays, but you should not be seeing so much red in
the way of unpaid customer accounts. It's time to start seeing green - the
green of cash in your bank account.

Visit today and turn those overdue
invoices into money that you can use to finance your business into 2007.


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