Is there a way to compare actual employee labor hours to hours billed on an invoice?



I'm currently converting our old invoicing system to QB Pro 2005. We
are a trailer repair shop, and currently track real hours to complete a
job vs. the hours billed on the invoice.

I have been looking through QB's time tracking features, but they seem
to be geared more towards calculating payroll, not tracking job
profit/loss. If I do apply an employee's real hours to an invoice, QB
wants to put those hours ON the invoice, which we don't want.

Essentially we would like QB to be able to track and generate a report
on employees showing whether or not they exceeded the labors hours that
were allotted for a particular task or invoice.

Is there a way to do this? I am about to install the trial version of
the "Contractor's Edition" to see if this functionality exists there.

Thank you,

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Oct 2, 2017
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United States
If all jobs are the same, you want to develop a standard time per job. Then, when you compare the standard time versus the actual time you will be able to calculate the labor efficiency. In order to calculate a standard time, you will need to do time studies and this may take several trials due to experience variations in work performance and circumstantial differences.

Sorry I don’t know the system being use, but I am familiar with the objective mentioned.

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