Is there anything better than quicken??



Down get me wrong,

I LOVE quicken, I choose quicken over any other program.
I was just woundering, what is there out there betteror more powerful
than Quicken and Money?

Feedback will be greatly appreciated!






Thats the source of the discontent seen from time to time.

Quicken "owns" the market .

They can "afford" to manage you and your complaints in their own manner,
which some may view as being not partricularly helpful..


Here's a good example !!---

In a Canadian RRSP, we often hold securities in Canadian and in US dollars..

Quicken's (intuit Canada's) answer when informed Q2004 Deluxe or XG or
whever Can't Do This ? ?

"Oh create two RRSP in Canadian and one in American
dollars.." !

Surely someone can come up with a better idea than that .... !!


Well, there is something like Quicken that I am trying, motivated by my
complete inability to recovery qdf files after months of trying.

So I started looking around for a program which has a file format that can
be opened by other programs like Excel (*.xls) so that if there is a
problem, the file can be more easily recovered.

I swear Intuit makes the files impossible to recover deliberately. I cannot
believe it to be otherwise since a lot of people have the problem of
recovering data and Intuit is so unresponsive to the problem.

So here is the program I am trying out for my modest means. It seems ok but
I have to work with it for a while to see if it meets my needs. It took me
a bit of time to find it because I downloaded and checked out a lot of Excel
style templates.

The program is: Checkbook for Excel at
It is worth a try and at least you won't be playing games with proprietory
file formats that you can't open.

And if anybody has found something better, post it here!!!!!!


But Quicken is more than just a checkbook. Does this let
you download and reconcile from you online accounts,
for example?


But what good is all that if you are subject to losing your data and you
cannot access your data because Intuit likes to keep it that way.




I too would jump from Quicken for something less propriety but
downloading my accounts is key.

Now that I am unable to do that consistently in Quicken (another
subject for another time) I am looking. For my taste, the old Quicken 6
was all I needed, no planning, no inventory, no bloat. A checkbook on


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