Is this sound Accounting? and Help!!

Feb 24, 2010
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Ok I am not an accountant, but I program using Accounting packages.. I have never worked with a system like this and just need an accountants opinion since I have to go to the company and say I worked under the assumption this was Accounting logic 101, and would not expect it to do anything else.

We have a system. When the period closes all the information (I thought) should be locked down and you can't make changes without adjustments, and a sound audit of backing in and out anything done to a closed period.

Well, changes to the payment file work like this, and changes to the transaction file work like this. But changes to the payment distribution file do not.

If a Transaction is paid with a payment number one month and you want to use the payment some place else, the pay distribution record is simply deleted in the pay dist file, and the money is moved elsewhere.. (Yes at least the tran is marked as unpaid by X amount of dollars so it can be repaid by a diff payment.)

If you want to move more Money from a payment around and an payment was paying tran. #1 for $300 and payment #2 for $200 you can close the period, then later just go back and make tran #1 be paid $400 and payment #2 paid by $100 without doing an adjustment to back the $100 out within the new month and an adjustment to add it to the other tran..

This was not only happening for manual adjustments..

Say you had a payment of $700 and one month only a tran of $300 to put it on.
Then the next month two more trans come in one for 400 and 1 for 600.. the remaining amount of $400 isn't the only thing applied.. Rather the system automatically unsets the pay distribution of the original tran from the closed month and decides where out of the 3 ads it would like to place it next...

Now, since I coded with the logic that a closed month could not be shifting sand, I have what I think is sound programs that have been totally right when run, but by next month are totally wrong.. This could be my job, if I am wrong and sound accounting is to lock you payments & transaction.. But distribution of them to each other remains a free-for-all.

Any sound arguement I can use in Accounting geek speak to defend myself would be greatly appreciated.


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