issue a customer refund for overpayments



I don't see a way to easily refund an overpayment on an invoice. We don't
need a credit memo and we need a way to post the check to invoice to bring
its balance to zero. How do I do this?

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If a customer has simply overpaid, then all you need to do is refund them
the money.

Eg Customer Invoice £200.00
Customer Payment £210.00
Customer Refund £10.00

Everything balances.

If on the other hand a customer has returned goods, you can adjust the
original invoice and then issue a refund.



Lance [MSFT]

Use 'Customer Refund' in the customers menu to refund the money.

After creating the refund, go to Receive payment, select the refund (it will
appear in the list of invoices) and apply the overpayment credit to it. This
will set the unused amount on the overpayment to zero.

Hope this helps

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