It won't let me do this!!!



I was in the process of adding a new investment account
to my accounts for Microsoft Money 2003. Halfway through
the addition, it asks me who the owner of this account is
going to be. I try to type in my name. It then shows up
that there are already "two adult account holders
listed", by the names of "Leora" and "Paul", and that I
have to choose one of those. I can't add my name, and I
can't figure out how to delete Leora or Paul. (I tried
the delete button, and backspace button, but the names
still show up in the scroll down bar.) I have no idea
how those names got into the program. I just bought this
computer last week, and this is the first time I've used
the Money program. Can anyone help me to delete these



Bonnie Synhorst --MVP

File, New, Create a new Money file. The Sample file is there to show you
examples of what a populated file looks like. You'll want to start from
scratch to setup your own accounts and information.



Dick Watson

If I were you, I'd think real hard about starting over at File|New. Barring
that, what you want is at Accounts & Bills|Account Setup|Update personal

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