Item Picture On Html Status Bar RMS 1.2/1.3



hi everyone, if are interested on this y read a post here how to do it but
make my own changes. Open the Status.htm on your program files folder
retail/ store operations/html with frontpage o notepad and replace with

<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<title>Default Status Screen</title>

.LineHeader {
font-family: Arial;
font-size: 16;
color: white;
background-color: black;

.LineDivider {
color: white;
background-color: gray;

.LineData {
font-family: Arial;
font-size: 36;
color: #00FF00;
background-color: black;

.style1 {
text-align: left;
.style2 {
text-align: right;

// ------------------------------------
// external opjects used by JScript
// ------------------------------------
// QSBridge exposes internal QSC objects and allows scripting language to
access information on the current
// transaction.
<OBJECT classid="clsid:44C4C3AC-D0F1-11D2-919D-006008C88FC3" height="0"
id="qsBridge" style="LEFT: 0px; TOP: 0px" width="0" >
<PARAM NAME="_ExtentX" VALUE="26">
<PARAM NAME="_ExtentY" VALUE="26">
<script language="VBScript">

Dim TimerID

' ------------------------------------
' displayVariables
' ------------------------------------

Function displayVariables
On Error Resume Next

Dim QSRules
Dim Entry
Dim TransasctionItem
Dim txtItemLookupCode
Dim txtDescription
Dim txtPrice
Dim txtQuantity
Dim txtExtended
Dim PictureFileName

Dim RS
Dim Conn

Set QSRules = qsBridge.RequestQSRules()

txtDescription = " "
txtQuantity = " "
txtPrice = " "
txtExtended = " "
txtPicture = "noimage.jpg"
PictureFileName = ""
SQL = ""

Set RS = Nothing
Set Entry = Nothing

Set TransactionItem = Nothing
If Not QSRules Is Nothing Then
Set Entry =
If Entry Is Nothing then
Set Entry =
End IF

If Not Entry Is Nothing Then
txtDescription = Entry.Description
txtQuantity = Entry.Quantity
txtPrice = FormatCurrency(Entry.Price)
txtExtended = FormatCurrency(Entry.ExtendedPrice)
SQL = "SELECT PictureName FROM Item WHERE ItemLookupCode = '" +
Entry.Item.ItemLookupcode + "'"
Set Rs = QSRules.OpenRecordSet((SQL),(-1))
If Not Rs.EOF Then
PictureFileName = Rs("PictureName")
End If
End If
End If

If Description.innerText <> txtDescription Then
Description.innerText = txtDescription
End If

If Quantity.innerText <> txtQuantity Then
Quantity.innerText = txtQuantity
End If

If Price.innerText <> txtPrice Then
Price.innerText = txtPrice
End If

If Extended.innerText <> txtExtended Then
Extended.innerText = txtExtended
End If

If PictureFileName <> "" Then
PictureFile.src = PictureFileName
PictureFile.src = "C:program FilesMicrosoft Retail Management SystemStore
OperationsHTMLImages" & txtPicture
End If

End Function

Function doStartup

' use a timer to run displayVariables() periodically every second
TimerID = window.setInterval("displayVariables()", 100)

End Function

<body bgcolor="black" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" onload="doStartup()"
<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0">
<tr class="LineHeader" valign="top">
<td width="20%" align="Center">Fotografia</td>
<td width="30%" class="style1">Descripcion</td>
<td width="10%" align="right">Cantidad</td>
<td width="20%" align="right">Precio</td>
<td width="20%" class="style2">Subtotal</td>

<tr class="LineDivider" width="100%" valign="top" height="1">
<td colspan="5">

<tr class="LineData" valign="top">
<td width="20%" align="center">
<img id = "PictureFile" height="150" width="150"> </td>
<td width="30%" align="left" id="Description"></td>
<td width="10%" align="right" id="Quantity"></td>
<td width="20%" align="right" id="Price"></td>
<td width="20%" align="right" id="Extended">

hope be useful this re-post....

Roger Jovel
IT Manager / RMS Developer

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