Item Prices not showing correctly on P&L



I have a small PC repair business that basically orders the same parts over
again (i.e. external hard drives, RAM, etc.), but usually with adjusted
physical sizes and prices everytime. I'm new to SBA and I'm not an
accountant, so I'm probably not doing something right.

Basically I would go into the item list, choose the part and adjust. I
change the Description, put in the Sales Price and the Purchase Price. When I
look at the P&L after an Invoice, it shows my Services/Labor cost + Sales
Price for the item I want correctly, but then the COGS section for the item
seems to use a previous price (which is sometimes way off), and it seems to
come from the Total Value $ section from an item, which is always wrong.

What I want it to do is put in the Purchase Price (what I bought it at),
Sales Price (what I'm selling it for), and then have the P&L show the correct
difference in profit everytime. So if I bought an item for $15 and I want to
charge $20, I want the P&L to show the $5 profit correctly (obviously).

What should I be doing?

Thank you for your help!


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