Item Tax ~ Sales Tax?



I would like to try and understand the difference between Item Tax & Sales
Tax? I know that Item tax is the actual tax that is applied to the item, and
sales tax is the type of tax needed to be set up & joined with Item tax. I
had this all set up for me, and when I need a new tax based on Redemption
Value or in my case California Redemption Value I just copy what was original
set up & tweek it a bit...I still don't understand it though. A friend of
mine set up the CRV as a tag along item with a different code, so this way
the screen actually shows CRV, but I am pretty certain this is incorrect,
because when you generate a report based on taxes, this will not come up...he
told me that he was told to do it this way?




Did you try to play around with the VAT tax option? That must have been set
for Europe?...

I need only a blanket option for sales tax at the point of sale, but this is
behaving a little strange for me as well. First, I set all items to tax
items, most things have been taxed properly until the last few days when we
noticed some items appeared untaxed at the poitn of sales....

So, I guess I can conclude, for the moment, that item tax is not programmed
to be sales tax. Where do you set sales tax though?....



Masta T

It is one of those minor things a dealer's instructions or class would cover
that is not important, like you mention in earlier postings.

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