Job Costing-Associated outside payroll with a Job


Agbi Bajrushi

My company has been using an independent payroll company to run our payroll,
and now that we are using MS Office Accounting 2008 we are running into a bit
of a snag. I can't figure out how to associate these payroll entries (journal
entries to be more specific) with jobs I have created. We are trying to have
an easy way to calculate profitability on a job without too much outside
effort on our part.

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! We will probably switch
to using the payroll feature going forward, but it would be nice to know how
to change older entries so we have historical data to chart growth.






If you are using Professional version of Office Accounting, you should be
able to do the following;

1. On Company Menu, click Preferences and choose Use Jobs
2. Now open one of your journal entries and you should see Jobs column
3. Edit the journal entry and assign your job.


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