Job-Hunting Deduction



Last year, will still employed, I searched for a new job. To
facilite my search I bought a "Pay as you go" cell phone
which I used exclusivly for my job search. (I cannot prove
the exclusive use but it is true)

Can I deduct this in job-hunting deduction?

Also, can I claim the new suit and accessories I purchased
for interviewing?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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The sorts of things you can deduct while looking for work in
the same field (NOT a new occupation) include employment and
outplacement agency fees, r=E9sum=E9 costs, travel and
transportation expenses, i.e. mileage in town or travel out
of town. Probably a cell phone used exclusively for a job
search would be acceptable. New suit is definitely not
allowed, as this can be worn as ordinary street clothes.

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