Joint Venture Proposal


Emass Blast Inc

Emass Blast Inc here,

For a period of time we have been reviewing your
website and find that you are the perfect partner
solution for ourselves as we are to yourself.

We currently operate the internets leading
promotional center that caters to every form of
advertisement possible....aswell as harvesting the
internets most potent safelist submitter that
submits to an amazing 2,002+ safelists:

We currently operate the website:
(cost to join is $49.95 per year)

We would like to offer you the chance to give away
Emass Blast memberships absolutely free to your
subscribers, members, visitors etc and in exchange
you provide ourselves with a small piece of
permanent ad space in your members area or on your
mainpage leading to our newest website:

By joining us in this incredible joint venture:

You may:

* Give away free as many Emass Blast memberships
as you wish.

* Give away Emass Blast on as many of your websites
as you wish.

* Even charge a fee of your choice for the
memberships and keep 100% of the you
are enabled to send your prospects directly to the
membership signup page after paying you a specific
fee you set.

We are basically giving you the rights to
Emass Blast in which we have never done beforehand
as it is such a hot seller and we do not wish to
deface the product value in anyway.

By joining us in this incredible joint venture you
will be:

* Providing a mind blowing resource to your members,
website visitors and subscribers for free which
usually costs a total of $49.95. You are even
enabled to sell the memberships for a price you
desire and keep 100% of the profits.

By joining us in this incredible joint venture you
will be:

* Providing an enticing gift for your visitors to
instantly subscribe to your newsletter/ezine,
Emass Blast is a very hot seller as you will be able
to see from the mainpage and providing them as a
mailing list signup incentive will send your
subscriber signup rate through the roof!

* You can provide your affiliates with a free
Emass Blast membership....this will provide your
affiliates with huge reach and the very best in
traffic producing tools to promote your website,
this will allow each and every one of your
affiliates to reach millions daily about your
website, this will boost your traffic and sales
at a mind blowing pace.

By Joining us in this incredible joint venture:

* You can even offer free Emass Blast memberships
to users who obtain your product, imagine adding
an extra $49.95 value to your product? This will
once again increase your sales drastically, this
will surly set your competition back by a long
distance! Another way of looking at it is...what
if you provide a free signup type of
website/product now or in the future, and give
away these highly sort after premium memberships
free if they join, can you imagine the signup
ratio? it will be astonishng to say the least.

* If you have any kind of refer a friend system
you can provide your visitors who refer their
friends with a free Emass Blast membership, this
will be highly viral for you! no visitor would
pass up such an opportunity to get their hands
on a free Emass Blast membership therefore your
site traffic would grow at an immense rate all
on its own just by becoming our partner.

* Emass Blast memberships are not free elsewhere
please remember that, people have to pay for
these elsewere and you are being provided with
this mind blowing opportunity to step up the
ranks and offer what others are unable to, just
imagine the potential and possiblities this
joint venture holds?

Can you now begin to imagine the sheer power
and potential this joint venture holds, it is
truly amazing!

This is truly a win-win-win situation for you.

As you can see this joint venture is truly
amazing and it would literally take forever to
list all the benefits down.

If you wish to go ahead with the joint venture
please proceed to: and fill out
the form that you will be presented with.

Before filling out the form please ensure you
place the below advertising on your mainpage or
in your membersarea, once this is done please
proceed to the joint venture form to enter your
details, on the following page you will be
given your free and paid emass blast signup

Warmest regards,
Emass Blast Inc

P.S. Please find advertising to place on your
sites denoted below:

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per day just for emailing companies, never
before seen in history! Learn more now at:

Please ensure the above website ad is linked to:


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