Journal Entry and Cash reporting



I created a journal entry because I screwed up somethings in last years
payroll and just found out about it. I set the date of each entry to
12/31/07. But when I run a report as a cash basis they don't show up only
accural. The problems is that i run my company as cash. So what is the work
around. Delete the transactions that I screwed up and do them differently (I
didn't want to do this because it would un-reconcile all of my banking).

Any help you can give would be great I'm suppose to be sending off by stuff
to the accountant today.




Hi, did you find out why your journal entries didn't show up in the previous
year cash-basis reports? My company is setup for cash basis with the same
issue as you.

I am wondering is I needed to create cash-basis journal entries when doing
previous year entries?


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