JSA Hardship Payments done away with ?.


Danny Boy

I have just read in another forum about this women and husband who were both
claiming JSA, they have 3 kids, she says the women at the local JCP took a
dislike to her husband when he refused a training course and suspended him,
he was given a Hardship payment form to complete and send away, but they
then told her she was not entitled to a Hardship payment as they no longer
pay for the kids as they are paid for under the CTC which she will still get
?, but in my calculations she is still down about £92.80 a week ?, she could
apply for a Crisis Loan but as she said that would still have to be paid

Could someone please advise on this as it seems to be at odds with what
others are saying on this news group regarding signing on forever if you
have kids and still being paid JSA ?.




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