JSA into bank


Donald McCaskey

Frog said:
Listen clerk, benefit payment days ARE benefit payment days.

If YOU are late in making payment then YOU are at fault.

If the claiment incurs bank charges because of late payment
then YOU the DSS/JC pay the costs, I know this to be true
as it happened to me.

Following this debate makes me realise that giving advice to people can be a
thankless task.

It should be borne in mind that, with JSA, the jobseeker is not actually due
benefit until *3 days* after they sign on, i.e. if they sign on Mondays,
there are due the benefit on a Thursday. The fact that the PO has delivered
their giro on a Wednesday for years is irrelevant (that's why a jobseeker
can't report a missing giro until 3 days after the issue date).

The only people who will really be affected by the change to direct payments
are Wednesday and Thursday signers. Everone else will receive their
payments on their actual due date.



Feb 6, 2012
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"Frog" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:F2C8S9A53[email protected]
> "[email protected]" <[email protected]> writes:
> > "Gary" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> > news:[email protected]
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I sign on Mondays and usually get my giro Wednesdays. Last week the

> > > centre asked if I had a bank account and asked me to fill a form so my

> > money
> > > went into the bank. Fair enough I thought. Anyway when I signed on

today I
> > > asked when the money would be going in and the guy said Thursday, one

> > > later than I normally get it. Now I budget fortnightly and my electric

> > > gas meters need to be filled Wednesday, so if I don't get paid

> > as
> > > usual I will have no electric and gas ( I have a child and a partner)
> > >
> > > Is there anything I can do? I am very annoyed as if I knew my money

> > > going to be a day later I wouldn't have bothered with the bank. Can I

> > change
> > > payments back to a giro?

> >
> > the payments go overnight, it just the bank takes 3-4 working days to

> > as with most things. Go into the Job Centre, take proof of your bills

> > ask if you can sign on Friday's instead, theres no reason apart from

> > not being arsed why they shouldnt change it.

> No, AGAIN, where are they recruiting you clerks from?.
> It is up to the DSS/JC to ensure as far as possible that payments
> are made on the DUE date. Failure to do so may involve the DSS/JC
> having to pay the claiment any costs incured by late payment.
> The DSS/JC, as they did in my case can submit payment earlier
> so as no costs will ensue and the claiment does not suffer
> distress through late payment.
> All it takes is a little thought and brain power but I do
> realise those things are in short supply at the DSS/JC.
> Jesus Christ, is it any wonder the DSS/JC are in such dissaray
> when you got clerks like this workinh for them.
> Bloody Clerks.

OMFG where did they get you from? Payments are made on the due date. Its
then up to royal mail or someones bank to sort out. It is not a late payment
ffs as its sent out on time. My god your brain is full of shite.
my payment was due three days ago and when i phoned it hadnt been issued so there are some late payments. however, it has supposedly been issued and yet i still dont have it?

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