UK Kickstarter: registering a business before tax year ends on 6th April?

Mar 26, 2015
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United Kingdom
I am planning to release a Kickstarter campaign in May to fund a creative product idea.
As I am on my own,I am a "bit" stressed about all the legal / tax / trademark issues.

First I need to set up an ltd. company, ideally soon as I need to apply for trademark protection.
But I just noticed that the tax year ends on 6th April.

1) if I register it BEFORE the 6th, let's say today, then will I have to fill some forms / tax returns etc - or it will be irrelevant as I won't generate any income within this 10 days?

2? Or it is better to wait with registration after the 6th April to avoid paper work - however it delays trademark registration etc?

3) Accountancy: I have zero experience. Can I wait with contacting / paying an accountant after I released the Kickstarter campaign in May, or I already have to do tasks related to accountancy after I just registered the company?

Thank you!!


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