Laser Printer Setup



I am working on a computer that runs store operations and they changed their
laser printer. I need to know how to set up the printer within the software.
It is a Brother All In One. I know how to set up the printers for the cash
register drawers but they print reports and lists and labels from the laser.
I have it installed through windows but don't know how to get the software to
recognize the new printer. HELP!!





Once you've set up the printer you need to share it - go to the printer's
drivers and right click the printer and select sharing - then go to the other
machines and add the printer again thru windows - they will then be able to
select that printer when they want to print a report or labels - hope this




If you are wanting to use this printer as a receipt printer. you will want
to configure the receipt printer setup for each register that needs to print
to the new printer.
Open Manager
go to Database > Registers > Register List

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