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Discussion in 'US Taxes' started by j j, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Back in August, an interview on the PBS Bill Moyer program with
    university professor Andrew Bacovech, resulted in his book, Limit of
    Power, being a best seller.
    The interview program was repeated late September. It traces exactly
    what occurred through the line of presidents from Carter to G.W. Bush
    and how "loking to The Leader" for all our answers came about. How
    congress, through the decades, has 'pushed" power upon the executive
    branch of our government. And how, in the 60's, we went from an "empire
    of production" to an "empire of materialism," ane how the unlimited,
    un-ending lines of credit through the decades relate to where we find
    ourselves today.
    Bacevich's book begins with a bible quate:   Set thy house in order.
    The interview is most profound in that it is straight from the shoulder
    truth; truth about ourselves, Americans, who have not and do not have
    the discipline required to "live within our means."
    And once again, just as we have for decades, look to a leader who has
    the answers and can solve all our woes. Yet, we remain unwilling to see
    ourselves, our part, from main street to wall street, the lack of our
    individual responsibility as the people (power / powerless) brought
    about by our --- Reactions / Actions / and / or Non-Action.
    A world united in fear is worse than a world divided by ignorance.
    Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with The Truth.
    [ Above the door of every business this sign is hanging ]
                  LEADER WANTED
    ~ who will not lose their i\individuality in a crowd, a leader who has
    the courage of their convictions, who is not afraid to say "NO" though
    all the world says "YES."
    ~ who is dominated by a mighty purpose, a leader who will not allow the
    over development of one faculty stamp out or paralyze other faculties.
    ~ who is larger than their calling, who considers it a low estimate of
    their occupation to value it merely as a means of making a living.
    ~ who sees self-development, education, culture, discipline, character
    and personhood in their work.
    ~ of courage who is not a coward in any part of their nature.
    ~ who is well balanced, who is not cursed with some little defect or
    weaknes which cripples their usefulness and neutralizes their power.
    ~ who is symmetrical and not one-sided in their development, who has not
    spent all their energies of their being in one narrow specialty and
    allowed all other branches of their life to wither and die.
    ~ who is broad minded and does not take a half view of things, a person
    who mixes common sense with their senses, who does not let a college
    education spoil them for practical everyday life, a leader who prefers
    substance to show and who regards their good name as a priceless
    ~ who is full of life and fire, whose passions are trained to heed a
    strong desire, the servant of a tender consience, who has learned to
    love all beauty, whether of nature or of art, to hate all violence and
    to respect others as themselves.
    ~ who is educated all over, whose nerves are brought to a sharper
    sensibility, whose brain is cultured, keen, incisive; whose hands are
    adept, whose eyes are alert, sensitive, microscopic; whose heart is
    tender, magnanimous and true.

    j j, Oct 1, 2008
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