Left and right arrow key movement direction reversed

Discussion in 'Microsoft Accounting' started by Ken Florian, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Ken Florian

    Ken Florian Guest

    If this weren't so frustrating it would be funny.

    In Accounting Professional 2009 the left and right arrow keys move in the
    opposite direction but ONLY when a submenu of the main menu is open. If
    moving left / right when the main menu is collapsed, the left and right arrow
    keys move through the menu as expected. All the cursor keys move as
    expected when viewing a list or moving left/right in an edit field. The
    opposite movement behavior only occurs when the submenu structure is expanded.

    This behavior is new and occurs only in Accounting Professional 2009. It
    does not occur in any other apps that use a normal menu->submenu navigation
    system. I have the application installed on two different machines. On one
    machine the arrow keys work as expected.

    Some how I must have 'shifted' a keyboard mode somehow but I find no menu
    option for preferences in Accounting nor in the accounting config.xml file.

    Just when I thought I'd seen everything....

    How do I reset it?

    Ken Florian, Sep 4, 2010
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