Live in PA, Work in VA, rent apartment in VA



1Up until November, I lived with my parents in Pennsylvania.

1My Driver's License, Auto Insurance, Vehicle Registration, Voter
Registration, etc. are all in Pennsylvania.

1In November, I got a contract job in Virginia. I don't know how long
I'll be here for (i.e. under 183 days or not), but I got an apartment
here because it was much more cost effective to have an apartment here
than to pay for a hotel.

1My question is, in either scenario (under 183 days or over), how do I
have to handle my taxes for 2005? Do I file resident in PA and pay PA
taxes? Do I file nonresident in VA? Do I claim VA taxes as a credit
on my PA taxes? I know PA and Virginia have a tax reciprocity
agreement, but I also know that if I'm in state more than 183 days, I'm
a "statutory resident" or something similar. Do I have to pay both?
What if I'm in VA less than 183 days, do I not have to file anything at


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