London Assembly News :

Investigation into Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was this week instructed that he must undergo training
in official codes of conduct after his role in the Damien Green
arrest. The recommendation was put forward by Caroline Pidgeon and was
accepted by other members of the GLA Standards Committee. The
committee examined the report by the solicitor Jonathan Goolden who
has described Boris Johnson’s behaviour in contacting a potential
suspect in a criminal invest “extraordinary and unwise".
You can read the full report into Boris Johnson’s behaviour at

Support for start-up businesses

On Tuesday, the Assembly’s Economic Development, Culture, Sport and
Tourism Committee chaired by Dee Doocey, continued its investigation
into the support available for people trying to start a business. Four
successful entrepreneurs attended the meeting and told us about the
problems they faced in setting up their own companies.
Dee said: “It was really helpful hearing from people who had personal
experience of the pitfalls. Kanya King from MOBO (Music of Black
Origin) spoke for everyone when she identified the lack of suitable
mentors, the difficulty in finding basic information about available
finance and accommodation and the bureaucracy surrounding public
grants as the real barriers which need to be addressed.”
The committee will be making a number of site visits to get a better
understanding of the problems involved. It will also commission some
original research, before publishing its report later on this year. If
you have experiences you would like to share with the committee,
please contact Dee at (e-mail address removed).

Congestion charge

Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Transport
Spokesperson, this week revealed that the US Embassy now owes £3
million to Transport for London in unpaid congestion charge payments
and Penalty Charge Notices. You can see the full story here

People’s Question Time

Both Mike Tuffrey and Caroline Pidgeon took part in People’s Question
Time held yesterday at York Hall in Bethnal Green. These events are an
opportunity for the public to meet the Mayor and Assembly Members and
to ask them questions. Details of the next People’s Question Time will
be flagged up as soon as the details are confirmed, but in the
meantime you can register to receive direct information about these
events via

A date for your diary – Saturday 9th May

The state of London debate will this year take place on Saturday 9th
May, with the theme being London’s governance It will be held at the
QEII conference centre and everyone is welcome to attend. The event is
free, but it is necessary to register in advance. Liberal Democrat
Assembly Members will be taking part in some of the sessions. For
further details see:

Holding the Mayor to account

Do remember that Mike Tuffrey, Caroline Pidgeon and Dee Doocey are
always happy to have suggestions on questions they might put to the
Mayor. If you have a question for the Mayor about policing, transport,
housing, the environment or planning issues – to name just some – do
email your suggestions to (e-mail address removed). For the next Mayor’s
Question Time please do submit any ideas for questions by Friday 13th


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