Looking for a resonably priced CPA in Evanston/Chicago, IL



I'm looking for someone reasonable to help prepare my taxes
this year. I have some tax knowledge but would like someone
to check for some detailed info.

The stats:
My bf and I will be filing seperately.
We have an investment property.
We collected rent in 2006.
We installed new windows. (Energy tax credit)
We spent a shitload on repairs
We running at a loss on this property for now.
We bought our own condo in Feb 2006. (Mortgage interest
credit on a bunch of diff. mortgages.)
We bought a used Jeep in 2006. (Deduct sales tax?)
My bf has gains/losses on his stocks.
We both are invested in 401K's. (Do these have to be
included in the 1040?)

I dont want an HR Block kinda tax preparer. I can get the
software and do it myself but instead I would like someone
to go over our returns with me.

If anyone has any recommendations for someone who won't cost
an Arm/Leg, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Responses to the OP situation will be posted. But any
referrals to a specific preparer will not be posted,
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