Looking for Attorney



I am looking for a Attorney in the Valdosta, GA area.

I am a FL resident but reside in GA because my husband is active duty

My husband will not be filing. My name is not on the house or either
vehicle. His name is not on any of the debts that are to be discharged.

I will be filing because my parents are delinquent on several credit cards
(aprox.. $50k) that my name is own and I am listed as liable. I would like
to be able to get out from under their debt before it is to late. I am a
SAHM and have no income.

Will I be able to file and clear the debts even if my parents do not file at
the same time? My parents are in TN.

Thanks for the recommendations, and any advice that you can give me to get
ready for my initial consultation.


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