Looking for Invoice/accounting/cheques software?



I am Looking for Invoice/accounting/cheques software?. I heard
"QuickBooks" support those apps, Is there any bettwer one available?,
it should be nominal price.




Are you looking for a separate billing program or an accounting program
that integrates all? How big is your business? What type?

Peachtree and Quickbooks are pretty good to look at for integrated
ones. For the price they are pretty beefy accounting programs and
support is easy to find in the forums, usually.

Either will do invoicing, print checks, finanancial statements,
accounts payable, payroll, etc. I am more familiar with peachtree
these days; there are different versions of their program depending on
what features you are needing. If you don't need job costing, time
card billing, etc., I think you can go with the low end version as
opposed to the Complete one.

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