Looking for model of sched C for data entry at home




I have an opportunity to do data entry on my computer at home for a local
corporation who wants to "1099" me for doing it instead of putting me on
their payroll. They explained to me all I have to do is fill out a schedule
C when I do my taxes and that would take care of the taxes on it. The
problem is I have not been able to locate a schedule C to see how to set it
up for this.

I have TurboTax 2000 and have looked through it and feel I would do better
if I could find a model one that is already done right.

Can anyone tell me where I can get one that's correctly done?

Thank you,




Criswell The Psychic Weatherman

Paul A. Thomas said:
Could be a good idea, or not.

Schedule C doesn't quite cover the full gaumet of forms and schedules you
may need.

Schedule C, SE (for self-employment tax), Forms 4562 (to depreciate your
business assets), Form 8829 (for business use of your home) come to mind as

You ~do~ realize that you are responsible for your own taxes, so you'll need
to file Form 1040ES to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

Your best option is to go see a local CPA or EA that can help you determine
if this is a good idea, and if so, to help you capture all the expenses you
can to off-set your income.

There must be some books available that have filled-in examples. I'm
unaware if any of the IRS Publications have forms filed in with their
What about Pub 334? While the examples aren't likely to apply to the specifics
of this job, they are there as examples to get you started, and what to be
thinking about.




Thanks for the tips. I'll read the IRS publication and see how things look.


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