Looks bad for us...chapter 7, 13, or what?



Ever since our first/last child was born, things have been expensive. A
few serious illnesses, lots of child care, this and that, and since a
cross-country move last year and a couple of months without health care
and we are up to our eyeballs.

Specifically, about $80k in CC debt.

The good news is that I have a decent-paying job and am not behind in
anything, if you can believe it. I have 20% equity in my home and a
couple of (small) vehicle payments, and everybody has gotten paid up
until now.

Trouble is, the margins are so tight -- basically two and a half
mortgages, now -- one more little disaster and I don't know what will
happen. It will fall apart like a house of cards, that much I know. My
home is no great shakes, so I won't do much good burning my equity.

What am I going to do? I'm not doomed, yet, but we are so close to the
edge. I'm waiting for Microsoft Money to just start lauging at me or
something when I switch to the "Cash Flow" display. Advice?


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