Looks like a M2K3 user got M2K4 Bill Pay Upgrade for FREE?


$2K3 User

So I decided to see what would happen if I clicked on MSN
Bill Pay for FREE service although I was a M2K3 user and it states I can get
another 12 months for free if I upgrade to the Premium service for 12 months
FREE. What's strange is that it said I was already on the MSN Bill Pay
Premium service (according to the site) so how could I upgrade? Strange,
right. Since I could not find anything about the Premium service I just
clicked through and signed up.

Any idea what the heck I signed up for?

Although this isn't the message I was hoping to copy in -
it still gives you a general idea of what I am talking about.

I will head out to the Bill Pay site again to see if I can
find anything on the Premium service.

MSN Bill Pay Service

Upgrade Status
Your MSN Bill Pay plan was successfully upgraded.
You can use MSN Bill Pay to pay your bills from within Microsoft
Money, or you can sign in to the MSN Money Web site and pay your bills and
make transfers from any computer with internet access.
If you have not already set up your direct online banking
password to use MSN Bill Pay in Microsoft Money, you can do so from
Microsoft Money settings. You'll need your direct online banking user ID and
password to finish configuring MSN Money for use with MSN Bill Pay.


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