Losing Database connection - Error Message inside - Please help



Just upgraded to 2.0 and...Losing Database connection on all of the machines
once or twice a day....error message below. Any ideas?

Database connection lost, application will be closed.

Error # - 2147467259

[DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (WrapperWrite ()).] General netwok error. Check
your network documentation.

(Source: Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server)

(SQL State: 08S01)

(Native Error: 11)

No Help file available.

SELECT GETDATE () AS Current Date Time




Are you using a wireless network? If so, you probably want to switch to a
wired network (wireless can have interference issues and will drop your
network connection) - its also affected by distance to the access point,
concrete walls, etc. - - If you are using a cabled network check your
network interface card settings for Wake On LAN or settings that will shut
down the NIC when there's no traffic - check as well the quality of the
cabling, cable runs, terminations, ports on your network switch and/or
router. Event viewer may also give you an indication of what may be
happening - hope this helps.



Brandon Klassen

We have more or less perfect response times in a lot of our stores and they
are still getting this error. I haven't tested either of the hotfix
releases since 0110, but I downloaded 0112 last week and will be testing it
ASAP. The hotfix that may help you, if it works as claimed, is 0111. MS is
aware of this as a bug and, if there's nothing wrong with your network, AND
you're using PINpads, then it should be the next thing you try.

Here's the fixed list:

Hotfix #5


a.. Error message when you have debit card pin pads enabled in
Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations: "Error #-2147467259 Database
connection lost, application will be closed"
b.. You experience unexpected results when you click the "Add Item"
button in the Edit - Purchase Order window in Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store
Operations when you have the "Always display 'Find'" option enabled
c.. You cannot edit the dimensions for items that you add to matrix
in Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations or Microsoft Dynamics RMS
Headquarters when you use the "Add Items" feature in the Item Matrix
Properties window
d.. When you print a receipt in Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store
Operations there are no tenders displayed on the printed receipt or in the
e.. When you send new items from Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters
to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations, the DepartmentID, CategoryID,
and SupplierID are incorrect

You'll probably note that 0112 isn't yet listed on the web site but if you
call MS and open a ticket to download the hotfix they'll give you the latest

Good luck!

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