Lost all accounting information



I opened up Office 2007 Accounting Pro and there is no data in the files. I
received no error and there is no other databases to open. I cannot find any
of my data.

The title indicates the the company is loaded, but absolutely no information
is there. Not even any company info (i.e.-address, phone).

How do I get 2 years worth of accounting infomation back????

The only thing that has changed is, I installed Acrobat Pro 8.0, yesterday.
Could that have wiped out all of my information???



Ted Hunter

I would first make a new backup and save it to a completely different
directory than your previous backups.

The search for the filename of your company data file on all drives. Back
up the file to a different filename (just to be safe). Try to open the file.

You can additionally review your event logs to see if anything has "changed"
since you last accessed the program. Perhaps someone else "cleaned up the
drive" and deleted the file? Perhaps a volume or drive mapping is not
"attached"? Are you getting any error messages? There are a great many
variables and possibilities some of which are simple and relatively harmless
and others which are potentially a problem. You need to determine whay the
file is not there and if not, where is it...?

If this fails and the data is not there or appears to be corrupt, go to
yesterdays backup and attempt a restoration. The details of the process will
differ depending on your method of backup and whether you simply use the
built in backup utility or a real backup program.



Jorn L M \(MS\)

Naturally I don't know for sure what is happening on your machine.

But it sounds to me like you do not have the right Office Accounting company
open (Office Accounting can handle multiple).

Try to go to File/Open Company and see if you can find the correct company
there (you open another company by selecting a .sbc file)

Hope it helps

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