Lost Checks Mystery



During the monthly reconciliation 9 checks were missing from QB 2003 Pro.
These checks were written and printed by QB. A password is required to get
onto the XP Pro computer and a different password is required to get into
QB. The computer is in an alarmed facility monitored by the local police
department. How did the 9 checks come up missing? Has anyone ever seen the
QB database screw up and lose a series of 9 checks? I'm baffled, help



Bud Recor

If you have audit trail turned on that might tell you. Sounds like someone
deleted them though, as when you print a check it normally records it right
then and there.


I didn't read the original post, so forgive me if this was covered. Is it
possible you have more than one bank account and wrote the checks out of a
different account but printed them to the correct checks? It may also be
possible that after printing, you didn't affirm that the checks printed
correctly, putting them back into the printing queue.


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Checks were printed from the right account. No one else had access to the
computer. Since I have all the daily backups, I am going to see what day the
checks went missing by doing multiple restores.

Robin Galiley

Is it possible that you were in a different company file and posted them in
the wrong located company file.


Only one company file on computer.
Robin Galiley said:
Is it possible that you were in a different company file and posted them in
the wrong located company file.




x-no-archive: yes

Frank, forgive me but, is it possible that you're creating the checks,
printing them, but then failing to "save & close"? If you know an exact $$
amount you could try searching for that $$ amount in QuickBooks,
it might be in a different account...

I don't know of anything in QuickBooks that would drop out a few checks
randomly....data damage is a possibility but, I'd think that'd be kind of
rare. You
might get a broken link here and there but dropping out an entire check is

If you can't find the $$ amount in your data file (run a search just for $$
amount - forget any other filters) then you might want to:

1... turn on the audit trail report. (maybe someone is deleting out the
2... run a verify and potential rebuild of the data file.(data damage?)
3... change your admin password, and create usernames w/appropriate
permissions for anyone else that needs to access to QuickBooks.

Good luck.

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Did day by day restores. Checks never appeared until put in at
reconciliation. Best guess is computer crashed immediately following the
printing of checks, and me clicking on "checks printed OK".

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