Low Cost Financial & Accounting Software for Accountants, CPA’s and Professional



General Features

Complete Payroll, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank, and write-up
package specifically designed by keeping Accountant's office in mind
inclusive of DOL and Sales Tax features.

Facilitates online Registration of Accountants/CPAs and Creation of
Companies (Clients)

Easy-to-download and user-friendly Accountant and Client side versions.
Unique Fiscal Year wise working facility to avoid mistakes in processing
data and confusions created by bulk of data.
Customize templates to suit your business needs.

Accountants and/or Clients can Create/Approve PayChecks online at anytime,
Accountants and/or Clients can create, view, print and download every
kind of extensive and flexible Report from anywhere, anytime.
Gives fast access to previously prepared Forms/Reports/etc. through File
Cabinet functionality.
Intimates to Accountants and Clients for latest data updates made by the

AccountExact Features

AccountExact is a complete Accounts Management Solution to fulfill every
accounting needs, from simple to complex requirements for accounting

Administrator will have ability to assign User Rights and control their

Holds up the hassle of repetitive entries and complicated calculations.

Get automatic accounting effects and applications of basic data.

Support to preparation of Form 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 with E-filing
facility of Form 940, 941 and W-2, in a few easy steps.

Payroll package support Unemployment and Withholding Forms [some states].

AccountExact supports conversion from Quick Books. It also supports Direct
Deposit and Direct Tax Payment features.

Report generation is done in PDF format and can be easily stored in Actax
File Cabinet for further usage.

Actax Solutions Inc.
8408, Arrow Street

Toll Free : 1 - 229-559-8305
E- mail : (e-mail address removed)


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