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Anyone that's currently using a loyalty program, would you please post what
addon you're using, and what you like and don't like about it? I've been
researching them, but any info on them is very limited. Any advice would be
appreciated. These addons seem to be very expensive and I want to make sure
I make a good choice. Thanks.




We are looking at investing in a loyalty program as well. We currently have
one store and will expand to two stores late this year into next year. What
programs can be used to keep track of points earned at either location and
rewards redeemable at either location? Any thoughts? -Tim

Online issue


I created a customized loyalty program in RMS as my client requirement. I
used the customer table field Custotext1 and Customtext2. These two field was
an extra field for any additional requirement in case you have any data that
need to be stored. My loyalty points was saved in the said fields. Where
currently using smartcard technology to save customer information to keep
track every customer/member transaction. To upload the points to the HQ we
created an SQL command using worksheet style 51. (execute SQL command).

Hope this may help you getting some ideas.




We have loyalty and frequent buyer add ons which has the features you
have listed out.If you wish to see a demo or talk to clients who are using
it, please contact us at www.rmsstore.com


Joshua Smith

I have been trialing Retail Realms Gift/Loyalty addon, and it seems to work
simply and pretty well.


Joshua Smith


I just received RR Gift/loyalty also. It does seem to work pretty well, but
doesn't have the level of control I'd like for the money they are asking for
it. Still, so far it seems like the best option.




I written one for one of my clients that they've used for three years
now. Unlike the other loyalty programs out there this doesn't store
any purchase information. Here's how it works:

1. Using a web interface the store owner sets the start date and end
date for the "Accrual Period", the start date and end date for the
"Redemption Period", and the "Accrual Rate".
2a. During the "Accrual Period" the before tax total of a sale is
multipled by the "Accrual Rate" (usually 0.10 or ten percent);
2b. It also looks through the "promotions" table that I've inserted
that contains the above date ranges and accrual rate; it loops through
every single purchase a customer has every made during any "accrual
period" and multiplies it with it corresponding accrual rate and sub
totals them all.
2c. It loops though every single redemption period the customer has
ever spent their "points" on and sub totals those.
2d. It dynamically prints a "promotional logo" with text that announce
the current "Collection Dates", "Redemption Dates", "Current Points
Earned", and Total "Points Available"; Current Points earned come from
(2a), and Points Available are derived from (2a+2b)-2c.
3. During a redemption period the customer is allowed to spend their
"points" at the rate of 1 point = 1 dollar, but they can only spend
points equal to half the sale. In other words a $100 sale can only
have 50 points redeemed.
3a. The same process described aboved is used to calculate the amount
of points available and the maximum amount (either half the sale or
their total points) is automatically added as a line item on the sales
screen when the tender key is pressed (F12). Effectively an automatic

Using this method the system is always reconcilled because everything
is dynamically calculated. It even selectively ignores returns during
the appropriate times so as not to affect the customer's "points"

The only thing the cashier has to do is press F7 (Set Customer) and
scan the bar code on the customer's loyalty card (which contains the
account number). There is no other interaction with the cashier or the

There is also a web service available for the store owner to drop into
his website so a customer can check their "points" balance or gift card
balance at any time.

Now, if I can get around to writing an installer for this and my other
add-ins, like a customer message popup, I'll let you all know. If
there is any interest please reply and I'll make it a priority.




Very impressive. It definately is something that interests me. Although
through the process you describe it seems as though I'd have even less
control than with RR's addin. One thing that would have to be able to be
done, is to be able to control which items get included. Some items don't
have much profit so they would have to be able to be excluded.

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