M05 vs. M04 question



I currently use M04 and have considered M05. In essence,
I do not use any of the MSN features in M04. All I do is
download my transactions from my c/c companies and import
from my banks. Also, I update my stock quotes.

Are most of the problems associated with using MSN and

And, can I use M05 without Passport and still download
c/c transactions, bank info and update stock quotes?

Thanks in advance



Ion Control

I've never used Passport (don't trust MS with my financial info online) and
had no toruble with 2005. OTOH, I HATED '05 and quickly went back to '03
(same as '04). Save the $25-50 and skip 2005. It's a step backwards if
you're even serious about your finances. Defintely geared towards just
stepping into the worl of electronic finances. It sucked so bad, it'll
actually be the first piece of software *I've ever bought* that will be
mailed back for a refund...

Andrew S. Clark

I'm wondering why you want to upgrade. If Money 04 is working fine for you,
is there a need to change?


Frank A Spina

The other side of that a statement. Is that they added a bunch of financial
institution that allow you to download transactions into money.
Unfortunatly they require a passport account to work.

CaptitalOne is just one of the many and the one that started all my problem
when I tried to active its download.

I'd wait until November and December. Spend a few minutes glancing this news
group to figure out what the major issues are and as you see that hey have
been fixed, you can decide.




Thanks for the advice folks. To be honest, I love new
versions of software and like to try them out. However,
any mishap with my MS Money software will screw me big
time. I have backups of backups b/c there is so much
information in Money.

I was afraid of how closely Microsoft was integrated
Passport into Money or any other web features. This is
why I have considered switching to Quicken as I know
they're a straight up and honest company.

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