M2005 - Cash positions of some investment accounts get corrupted after synchronizing


Ken Martin

When I set up Money 2005 to "Access your Money data on the Web" it appears
to initially work. The next time I open Money, the numbers are OK but after
it sits and synchronizes for some time, the cash positions of some, not all,
of my investment accounts display a large negative amount. This reduces my
portfolio drastically. I have looked at the registers and can't find where
the error is creeping in so I can't fix it.

I needed to restore to a backup prior to setting up Web access and make sure
I don't select that action again.

This particular erroneous feature that I paid good money for has caused me
to stay up all night trying to restore my accounts.

Does anyone else have these problems and found a solution other than don't
use the Web feature? Some of my Credit Cards and Bank accounts need the Web
feature to work. Without this feature, Money 2005 is nearly useless to me.
Money 2004 did work OK prior to switching.



Christine Allison

I gave up on Money-2005 but Money 2004 displays exactly the same behavior.
I understand that it keeps the investment account as a double entry system.
In other words when you sell a security the proceeds are debited to cash and
when you buy a security the cash account is credited.

However Money seems to come up with numbers that bear no relation to
reality. I have tried adjusting the cash account to bring it into line with
the brokers records but it still goes it's own way.

For what its worth I day trade and have a lot of daily transactions.

Since I have over a thousand transactions a year and I use Money to
interface with Tax-Cut for income tax purposes. It's OK for that but
useless for evaluating the value of my portfolio.

Richard Smith

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